This blog is a collection of stories, thoughts, and general ramblings all centering around a little spit of sand in the southeastern corner of New England. It is called “The Cranberry Blog”, a play on the many cranberry bogs which the Cape is known for. I write about Cape Cod for a variety of reasons: I know its history, I’m learning its present and I’m very curious about its future. I’m in love with its geography. I find the space that it occupies in the cultural zeitgeist fascinating. More than anything, however, I write about Cape Cod when I’m homesick. So whether you’re a born-and-raised Cape Codder or couldn’t even point it out on a map, I hope that you can enjoy this blog as much as I do.

I began this blog as part of a project for an English Class at Drew University. It was initially called “All America Behind You” after the final words of Henry David Thoreau’s 1865 novel “Cape Cod”. I rapidly changed it, however, the moment I realized how great a pun “Cranberry Blog” was.

A man may stand there and put all America behind him.

Henry David Thoreau

The blog is not the clearest when it comes to topic. It is about Cape Cod, sure, but what specifically? I don’t really know, I just tend to write about whatever my mind is on at the time, all through the lens of the peninsula that I used to and hopefully will again call home.

Recent Post Calendar

September 2021

The website was designed by myself along with Anthony Grandel, and the logo is literally just a picture of a cranberry.

If you enjoy this blog, you can find more of my work on my YouTube channel as well as my TikTok page. Also feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram. I’m on all those platforms under the name @pdmacca.

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